August 12th, 2012

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Rules & FAQ


1. Be polite to other members, other teams, mods, challenge runners and just everyone in general. It's fine to have different opinions to others and you can talk about them, just be nice but it. Extreme cases will result in banning.
2. Don't bash people who like or support characters or 'ships that you don't. Again it's fine to have a different opinion on the matter, but this should not lead to personal attacks on fellow members. 
3. Warn for spoilers for the current season. Do not use spoilers for unaired episodes in your entries. Additionally, warn for anything that may be triggering in your entries.
4. For any challenges that involve voting please keep entries at a PG-13 rating. For participation only challenges please make sure you warn for higher ratings and put the material behind an lj-cut or an lj-spoiler tag.
5. Participate at least once every two weeks to avoid getting cut from the community. This isn't to exclude busy people. Its to keep the teams as even with active, participating members as possible. You don't have to do everything. Just something.
6. Follow the instructions for each challenge, if you don't you run the risk of your entry be disqualified for the challenge.
7. Everything submitted for challenges at beacon_hills must be newly made and not have been posted anywhere else.

[How do I get involved in beacon_hills?]- How do I get involved in beacon_hills? Just apply and you will be sorted into a community. You will receive invitations to the challenge comm, your team comm, and the social comm.
[Do I have to enter every challenge?]- Do I have to enter every challenge? Not at all. You can do them all, some of them, or only enough to avoid being cut from the community. However, the more you participate, the more points you get for your team.
[I'm not the best at something, is that okay?]- I'm not the best at something, is that okay? Of course! Regardless of your skill level, you'll still get points.  While there is occasionally voting, participation is what's most important! It's the effort that counts most, so if you're uncomfortable with other people seeing your work, you can ask me to keep your comment screened.
[Where do I enter?]- Where do I enter? Reply with your entry or a link to your entry in your team thread in the challenge post.
[Where do I ask questions about challenges?]- Where do I ask questions about challenges? The first comment in every challenge post will be the questions thread. Comment there and I'll try and be as quick as possible to get back to you with an answer.
[What is a sig tag / tag banner?]- What is a sig tag / tag banner? A sig tag, also called a tag banner, is a 300x150px graphic with your name and your team name on it that you put in every challenge entry comment. You get a bonus point for using your sig tag!

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If you have a problem, here is the place to do it. Comments ARE screened. No one should see them but me. If you have an issue you don't want to discuss with me, try your team leader/s. PM's are also welcome if you would prefer

If you want to go away for LONGER than 2 weeks, you're in danger of being cut from the comm. Please let me or your team leader/s know so I don't cut you.

If you want to leave the comm, it would be great if you could let me know. :D

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AoS | Bored

Suggestion Box

Do you have a suggestion of a type of challenge you would like to see? Something that love absolutely loved over at another land comm and would like to do it again? 

Let me know in this post. Comments are screened.